Figma Chariot

by him on May 1, 2015

in Anime, Figma

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chariot standing
Chariot is Izuriha Kagari’s dark persona in the Other World of the Black Rock Shooter. In the OVA, her human form is wheelchair-bound and her darken form skates on wheels. In the TV anime, she is simply a vulnerable girl who is very dependent on Takanashi Yomi, her best friend and neighbour.

chariot beckons
“Come with me…and we shall begin the attack…”

chariot leaps
“I bring you Death from above!”

chariot defense mode
Chariot’s defense mode activated upon landing.

chariot happy
“All clear…With my sword and shield, I shall destroy the Black Rock Shooter!”

chariot throne
Headed for home: Chariot’s shield doubles up as a flying platform.

chariot macaroon
“After a long battle, this is my last macaroon?!”

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