Angry Birds Plush

by him on March 10, 2011

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Angry Birds Plushie
Angry Birds
is one of the most famous and addictive mobile games in recent memory. Chances are, even if you have not tried it before, you would have heard of the game from someone. It first came out for the iOS, and because of its tremendous success, it has since been ported to the Nokia Ovi, Google Android and others.

Early this year, Rovio released official merchandise from the franchise, including various sizes plush of the birds & pigs and iPhone covers. There will even be a board game. Finally, we all have something tangible to collect other than it being just a virtual item.  There are a lot of bootleg plush and merchandise floating around the internet and even in shops due to their popularity, so do take note. Most of the bootleg red bird plush have a pure white bottom, whereas if you notice in the game graphics, the red bird has a slightly brownish bottom, so this is reflected in the original plush as well. The safest place to ensure you are getting the originals would be from the official Rovio online store or Toywiz. We got ours from Toywiz as the shipping to Singapore was cheaper there. Here’s a look at the official bird plush from the company who created them.

Angry Birds Plushie
The original red angry bird.

Angry Birds Plushie
The yellow bird whom has a quick temper.

Angry Birds Plushie
The blue one with the split personality.

Angry Birds Plushie
This black bird has an “explosive” temper.

Angry Birds Plushie
The white bird can drop an aerial bomb which looks surprisingly like an egg.

Angry Birds Plushie
Look out for the original tag on every plushie.

Angry Birds Plushie
The front of the paper tag.

Angry Birds Plushie
The back of the paper tag.

Angry Birds Plushie
Here’s a group photo of the angry birds doing what they do best: Guarding eggs!

Special thanks to her for all the photography and her friend, heibo, for lending us the rest of the angry birds plushies to complete the photoshoot.

Also, do watch this hilarious satire of the peace treaty featuring the angry birds if you have not caught it.

Update: Angry birds plush are now available all over Singapore toy stores. Have fun!

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Pilotsingapore July 23, 2011 at 6:00 am

i LOVE it!!!Is the plushies expensive?


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