Summer at Pinky Street

by her on March 8, 2012

in Pinky Street

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Summer at Pinky Street
Summer is here and Reina Chan from Pinky Street is basking in the summer warmth in her navy blue yukata (summer kimono).

Pinky Street - Yukata
This makes a peaceful spot to think.

watermelon and fan to beat the heat
A piece of watermelon and a paper fan helps to cool down greatly.


Featuring PC002 Pinky:st for pinky girl, bench, water melon and fan. The fence and flower pot are accessories from PC003 Pinky:st. This is one of the few pinky girls with sitting down pose and tiltable head due to a ball joint at the neck.

Wiki – Pinky:St
All Pinky:st Releases Chronologically

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Cinthia May 25, 2012 at 11:39 pm

I have this exact same Pinky, but mine also has a little bucket, some firecrackers/sparklers and a bunny mask. I ordered mine all the way from Japan over to California… I love Pinkys!


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