Hot Toys Samurai Predator AC-01

by him on September 24, 2012

in Alien, Hot Toys, Predator

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samurai predator front view
Hot Toys Samurai Predator – The first in a collaborative artist impression series featuring the works of Takayuki Takeya (竹谷隆之) and Yuji Oniki (鬼木祐二) from Japan and Hot Toys from Hong Kong. The Samurai Predator does not appear in any AVP movies but it is not difficult to imagine him integrating into the Samurai culture after witnessing their honourable and fearless fighting spirit throughout medieval Japan.

samurai predator carton box
The 1/6 scale collectible figurine comes in huge carton box that weighs almost 5kg!

samurai predator box front
Inside, you will find a box that in itself is a work of art.

samurai predator box back
The back of the box with the names of the artists, designers, painters and sculptors.

samurai predator box side
The side of the box with the samurai predator logo, both sides feature the same design.

samurai predator box top
The top of the box incorporates a stylized depiction of Alien vs Predator. Nice.

samurai predator innerbox top
Remove and top cover to reveal the two inner boxes containing the base and figure.

samurai predator innerbox front
Here are the two inner boxes holding the base and figure.

samurai predator innerbox back
The back of the boxes are very nicely designed as well.

samurai predator innerholder figure
A look at the layout of the inner box containing the Samurai Predator figure.

samurai predator innerholder base
And here’s the layout of the inner box containing the base.

samurai predator front view
With some basic assembly, you have the completed Samurai Predator holding the defeated Alien on a diorama base.

samurai predator back view
His back view with helmet.

samurai predator helmet mask front
A closer look at the Samurai Predator with helmet and mask. The rusted weathering on the helmet is very realistic. The design of the plasma caster fits in well with the overall look too.

samurai predator helmet no mask
Here’s the look without the mask.

samurai predator closed mandibles
Remove the helmet to see the unique head crest.

samurai predator open mandibles
His lower jaw can be swung open. Attach the open mandibles to complete the roar. Fearsome!

samurai predator helmet and mask
Helmet and mask when not worn.

samurai predator removable sword
The katana hanging on his waist can be unsheathed and the blade is made of metal.

samurai predator back view no helmet
Here’s his back view again without helmet. See the bunch of katanas on his back. The individual swords cannot be unsheathed but still a cool set of accessories nevertheless.

alien tongue trophies
A bunch of severed Alien tongues hanging from his waist belt as trophies, a testament to the fighting prowess of the Samurai Predator.

samurai predator side view
Side view of the Samurai Predator.

samurai predator broken sword
The katana in the Samurai Predator’s right hand has intricate nicks, dents and Alien blood on it, evidently from the fierce battle that just ended. The highly corrosive Alien blood melts through the katana even though it is forged from a rare metal. The broken tip lies on the ground in front of the Alien corpse.

alien head trophy
The severed Alien head hanging by its tongue. Another trophy for the victorious Samurai Predator.

alien base
The remains of the Alien lie at the feet of the Samurai Predator. Probably still twitching as it oozes acidic blood from what’s left of its head.

samurai predator wrist blades
No Predator is complete without his wrist blades and the Samurai Predator has 3 beautifully designed ones on his right gauntlet that can be positioned independently.

samurai predator sandals
The sandals are a blend of modern and classic designs.

samurai predator additional hands
Additional closed and open hands are included.

samurai predator front no helmet no mask
Overall, this is a very unique figure and the artistic interpretation of a Predator being a Samurai warrior is believable. The design of the costume and accessories are all well-thought through. The Samurai Predator is certainly a worthy addition to the collection of any Alien vs Predator fan.

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yu cho August 16, 2013 at 8:21 pm

i want to buy it , how much for this ??


him August 30, 2013 at 10:57 pm

I got this when it was first released in SG. You can look for it on ebay or China Square Central (CSC) if you are from SG, prices might be higher now.


Steve Comer June 17, 2016 at 9:13 am

How does the predator attached the swords on his back?


him June 18, 2016 at 11:01 am

The scabbards are attached permanently to his back, so he can sheathe his swords in them :)


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